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Hope this helps!! D http: Thank you all!!! I'm using crayola and they aren't really blending that well so I wondered if artist ones would be better. I'm going to check those out. Thank you! I have several templates that I use and I print them on white Cotton resume paper so that they absorb the makeup. I mainly use them when giving lessons to my clients or if I am story boarding a photoshoot.

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Here are a few links to get some different face charts: Male face chart: Robert Jones has a great set of face charts for I actually create my own face charts for my clients or companies I'm working with! Maybe you can try that as well! Im not sure if that was the answer you were looking for though hahah.

I think if you google it then look in images there should be a bunch. And then just print them out. Google Images?

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When you google face charts click on the "images" tab. Should be on the left. Over here at MakeUpMania. I designed it with one eye open and one closed so you can show clients what the eye detail is like when the eye is opening and how to create the look in detail on the eye. Also I designed super light brows so you can change them but have a good starting point. I also like the series of products I put on there as they are basic and not brand-centric.

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Here is a link to it - let me know what you think -: Google it. Check out http: You will find tons of face charts with different shapes and different ethnic back grounds. Please help us maintain positive conversations here by following our guidelines below. We reserve the right to remove comments and topics that don't adhere to the following rules.

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That can add up pretty quickly when you're using these all of the time. Bear with me I'm getting to the point.

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Jump to "the point" below if you don't want to read my waffling. The Paper Trials So I started experimenting. You need something that "grabs" the product on the page. The paper needs to have what's called a "tooth". I experimented with a number of different paper types from local and online artist supply stores. And because artist paper isn't cheap, either, I badgered some friends of mine into sending me on some sample pieces for experimentation.

I came to the conclusion that watercolour paper seemed to work the best. And that cold-pressed watercolour paper also called "Watercolour Not", because it is "not" hot pressed seemed to be the best all-round, in terms of tooth HP or "Hot Pressed" has almost no tooth, "rough" is too rough. Delighted, I purchased a pads of it.

Not cheap, as I previously mentioned, but not crazy expensive either. Maybe I should have thought about it first, because I realised when I brought it home, that it was stock paper, almost card, and far too stiff for the printer. Undeterred, I went back out and purchased some more.