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Remember that the specified directory should be the location of the Oracle instant client files that you installed above i. The resulting file should look something like that below: Save the updated file when complete. Step 3: ORA File The tnsnames. Potentially you may already have tnsnames. The format of the tnsnames. Just repeat the code block for each database that you wish to specify and connect to.

Step 4: The second command changes the privileges to read, write and execute the Oracle contents.

Installing Oracle Instant Client for Development on Linux

Step 5: After the restart, open a terminal window and enter the env command to display the environmental variables for your system. Hopefully these should be consistent with those you set in step 2 above. Although specifically written for Toad users, this article contains great general advice on the setup of Oracle instant client.

Although out of date, it provides a good overview - including why installing the SDK is useful. Just entering the edit command to launch your default GUI editor such as TextEdit or TextWrangler if installed is the easiest option for new users.

The best free Toad alternative for Mac - TablePlus

However, many users have a strong preference for other editors such as nano and vim. Nano This is a simple text editor included with OS X, and can be started simply by entering nano filename at the command prompt. This is a good choice for infrequent users, as common commands such as Save and Exit are clearly displayed at the bottom of the screen. If using nano move the file using your cursor keys. It means that the text editing commands they learn on one platform are readily transferable and that its the only editor they need to remember. Vi and vim are really quite powerful and full-featured … if you know how to use them.

A very neat and fast client. An intuitive interface. Multiple-database support. Cheaper or better, free. A modern, native database tool for Mac TablePlus was built natively, thus very lightweight and fast.

  1. A free program for mac.
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  4. It can be able to handle heavy operations without hanging. Everything feels instant. The design is intuitive. It focuses on the most important features and hides the rest, keeps the interface always clean and simple.

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