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To request additional export options, visit the Outlook Suggestion Box to leave your feedback. The Outlook team is actively monitoring this forum. Import a. Use Time Machine to automatically archive or back up items in Outlook for Mac. In Outlook for Windows, older Outlook items are archived automatically on a regular interval, also known as AutoArchive. This is not available in Outlook for Mac, but you can archive data automatically by setting up Automatically archive or back up Outlook for Mac items. When you export to an Outlook for Mac Data File, you can choose to filter information by category or by item type.

For example, if you want to transfer networking information from your work computer to your home computer, you could export only items that you've assigned to the Networking category. Similarly, you might want to export all your contacts on your home computer and then import them on your work computer.

During the export process, you can choose to keep the exported items in Outlook, or to delete them after they are exported.

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To export all items in Outlook, click Items of the following types , and then select all the check boxes. If you have a Microsoft Exchange account or directory services account, contacts from the directory are not exported. Similarly, items that are stored in public folders are not exported. To transfer a set of contacts to another computer or application, you can export contacts as a tab-delimited text file, which can be opened by many other mail, spreadsheet, and database applications.

In the Export Assistant, click Contacts to a list , and then follow the instructions.

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You can also export single items as individual files, either to have as a backup or to use in other applications. To select multiple items, hold down as you click the items. Automatically archive or back up Outlook items. On the Tools tab, choose Export.

Cleaning Up Email in Mail on the Mac

Email messages are exported as. Contacts are exported as vCard.

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Begin a search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon which trigger a dropdown sheet with more options To search for a single word or phrase across all message fields subject, body, sender, etc. More advanced "boolean" options are available to narrow down the results. These selectors let you filter messages in one step. Just one e-mail message out of more than in the archive database matched the search criteria Click on the result to view the message in the lower message view pane. HTML messages are rendered by default.

Click the four thumbnails to view slideshows illustrating some of MailSteward's powerful mail-management features and functions.

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  • See some of the great features that make MailSteward the easiest way to securely archive your entire e-mail history, from multiple mail accounts in one, searchable high-power database. From first launch of MailSteward, this slideshow shows the screens that prompt you to create and save a new mail database and archive your e-mail. A slideshow of some power user features you'll want to explore. Things like saving commonly-used searches, quick-copying an image from an e-mail — take a look, there's something here you'll like!

    The free versions are full-feature, but have an upper limit of 15, e-mails. All versions of MailSteward require macOS Any free version may be upgraded to a licensed version by entering a license key. There is a bulk discount for purchases of 10 to 20 copies of either MailSteward or MailSteward Pro, and 50 user site licenses are available for both products. MailSteward has a wealth of features for importing, tagging, saving, and exporting your vital e-mail information in a number of standard data formats.

    To understand just how powerful and easy-to-use MailSteward is, download the free version of MailSteward and try it out for as long as you like. The free version is full-feature but limited to a maximum 15, e-mails. There is a bulk discount for purchases of 10 to 20 copies of either MailSteward or MailSteward Pro, and user site licenses are also available for both products.

    MailSteward Lite has all of the archiving and searching functionality of MailSteward, but lacks the ability to save frequently used searches, and the features of exporting, and merging databases. Regular MailSteward, using SQLite, can handle large volumes of e-mail, , or more but for very large volumes which require an industrial-grade relational database server, MailSteward Pro is the best solution. If you are a registered user of MailSteward, click on upgrades and follow the instructions to obtain the latest version. Apple Mail is no match for the speed and multi-option search power of MailSteward for e-mail.

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    Save or open attachments by launching a helper app e. Preview app. Drag the MailSteward App to your Applications folder to install.