How do i get the euro symbol on a mac keyboard

I haven't managed to find a shortcut that works.

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Euro Symbol, Euro Sign

Is Shift-Option-2 working? If you have a number pad: Hold down Alt and type in Nice, thank you! Many of the options above are not working for me in Office on Windows I am able to use control-alt-e in MS Office Windows 10 to create a euro symbol However, I cannot get a Euro symbol. Ik heb Windows 10 Ook via alt of alt krijg ik geen euroteken. Wat moet ik doen?

These Alt codes does not work in Libre Office In Win 10, when no numeric keyboard e. It will light up in blue. Choose it, and you just typed the Euro symbol.

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  • Many steps, but once it's set up, you only use steps , which go very fast. On a Mac, just press and hold down the sift and option keys and then tap the number 2 on the top row. When using the numeric keypad, be sure it is in Num-lock state not arrow , or some alt keys will result in navigation! ALT Took me a while but it works. You have to use the number pad on the R side of the keyboard - NOT the numbers in the top row.

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    • Here's the windows 8. Locate the euro symbol in your font of choice - note, it may not exist in each font. I happen to use veradana. Copy and paste. Not perfect, but for intermittent use, it is useful.

      How to Type Euro Sign (€) and Other Currency Symbols in Mac

      Ive tried a lot of things they say but they do not work Had I dis-enable anything that this key is no longer working? Angelika your laptop has a key called Fn press that and use the numbers writen on K, O etc to create a Numpad. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Standard British keyboard mappings Amongst other things, the standard keystroke mapping with a UK keyboard includes: Scroll down the list, and click in the tickbox for US.

      Standard (British) keyboard mappings

      The box "Show input menu in menu bar" should select itself. Close Preferences. Click on the Union Flag in the menu bar, near the clock.