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This summer, her first beauty collaboration with MAC Cosmetics will hit shelves -- and likely fly off of them.

Following Rihanna's massively successful collaboration with MAC -- her matte lipstick RiRi Woo sold out worldwide in three hours -- Lorde is the face of a limited-edition collection for the beauty brand that will be available in stores and online on June 5. The first image from the campaign just arrived, and it highlights Lorde's witchy, goth style and showcases the collection's signature items: A deep, plum lipstick called Pure Heroine named after the singer's debut album, naturally and a black eyeliner.

While our angsty teen days are long behind us the teen part, at least , this moody collection has us wanting to dress the part. We got to meet and chat with the designer at an event back in July, where we ogled his nail polish and learned that the packaging was like a weapon.

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Well, now we finally get to see it in real life. And based on the individual pieces and the beauty look at left, we definitely want to wear it. MAC makes them in limited editions that you can only buy for a short amount of time before they disappear into thin air. You feel extra special if you get your paws on those limited edition MAC collections. Once they do sell out, you can try to salvage what you can on eBay.

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Though MAC has been around since , the launches consistently surprise and excite the company's millions of fans, according to PopSugar. From the Barbie Collection to Venomous Villians, there is not one collection that makeup fanatics have not lusted after throughout the years. From celebrity names to cartoon character mashups, we just can't seem to get enough. These incredible collaborations go down in makeup history.

Though it's a tough process to narrow down which collections have been the most popular, we have managed to round up the best of the best. The MAC Selena Quintanilla fall makeup collection paid homage to the young singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer who left the world at a young age.

She left behind a rich heritage for Mexican-Americans and her legacy has lived on. Jennifer Lopez starred in a role in the movie Selena in , which skyrocketed her career. The collection is composed of mono eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner and face products.

If Selena were here she would be beyond ecstatic to have this happening. It looks like MAC is starting a trend in remembering late pop stars. The second product in the line is the perfect shade of shimmery caramel lipstick. It became available just recently so get this collection while you still can. The early 00's was a time of campy fashion and makeup, so what could be more appropriate than creating a makeup collection after Barbie?

This was a collection created for living dolls or those who just wish that they were dolls. The collection included deep pinks for ladies with a serious blush obsession. No doll could ever be complete without rosy cheeks after all. Though the colors look dark in the packaging, they were sheer on the skin, according to makeupandbeautyblog. According to T emptalia.

Electric hues of Lipglass gleam with radioactive vibrancy and new Nail Stickers, starring the most beautiful of Bouviers, Marge, set the finishing touch. The collection used neon colors and bold hues to commemorate one of the longest-running cartoon shows of all time. Each of the names of the items in the collection was named after The Simpsons female characters and episodes, such as Lisa's Spikes eyeshadow , Beehive Blue eyeshadow , and Marge Simpson's Cutie-cles nail stickers.

What could be a better way to welcome autumn more than some dark shades inspired by Disney's villains? Facilier chicprofile. For anyone who was nostalgic over the 2D Disney cartoon films had their chance to live out their childhood fantasies. Secretly we sometimes cheer for the bad guys in those movies, don't we? This MAC Collection drives that theory home like nobody's business. Some of its top-sellers included: Innocence, Beware! When we think of ultimate femininity, we think Marilyn Monroe.


When we think of the holidays, we think of sparkles, glistening mistletoes and as well as black and white movies like It's a Wonderful Life. The holidays was an appropriate time to remember the late fashion and beauty icon. From classic red lipsticks to liquid liners and shimmering eyeshadows, each product in the range referenced Marilyn's iconic beauty and featured sleek black and white packaging bearing an image of the star, according to Vogue.

However, drag shows happen all year round. The hues and products were specifically designed to recreate the looks of people's favorite characters from the cult classic. You could transform yourself into a mad scientist, heroic newlywed, alien from Transylvania or a time-warped Riff Raff nikkietutorials. Unlike some other collections, this collection had actual glitter in silver and gold and false eyelashes.

Wonder Woman has always known how to go out with a bang and for her bold color choices. For the collaboration of Wonder Woman with MAC, it was inspired by a sense of fantasy and wonder with vivid collections of awe-inspiring accessories as fierce and feminine as the heroine herself, according to Temptalia. The designs were bright, bold and superhuman in animated makeup bags from radiant Red to Bulletproof Blue. After the Venomous Villain Collection was launched in , the Maleficent Collection was followed shortly thereafter in After Angelina Jolie made her debut as the villainous vixen, her evil apple-red lips and chiseled cheekbones were to die for.

MAC made created the collection inspired by the meanest sorceress in all of the land.

The collection included a darkly romantic collection with deep, sultry rose lip shades and rockin' sets of false eyelashes. The MAC Good Luck Trolls Collection was inspired by the colorful, wild-haired dolls that bring their rainbow tufts, bejeweled bellies and lucky charms to the table, according to Beauty Almanac.

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The collection was released around the same time the Trolls movie starring Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick was released in theaters. This '80s throwback collection included crazy-hued makeup items that were designed for anyone who is not afraid of bright colors.

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Surprisingly, this collection is still available on the Australian MAC website but has been discontinued on the American website. For those of you who don't know who Beth Ditto is, she is a quirky indie rock band singer-songwriter. Her eccentric style was enough to capture the attention of MAC because they dedicate an entire collection to her.

The collection had punchy colors with lipsticks, eye crayons, colored mascaras, and polka dot powders to match her sassy style. She even looks like a psychedelic comic book character in the ads. What could be more delicious for the summer than soft serve?

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  4. The MAC Soft Serve Collection featured edgier pieces with beautiful, swirly and delicious pastel colors that reminded us of pool parties and fun floaties. The eyeshadow creams and eyebrow pencils looked so yummy that you almost want to eat it. This delicious collection was made for anyone who loves a colorful, dramatic look, pops of color, or pastel shades that make you pop.

    The colorful brow pencils might not have been perfect for everyday wear, but it was fun to experiment with. When the holiday season comes around, Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" is always blasting on the radio to the point where you have to change the station because you can't get it out of your head. Who better to pick for your holiday collection other than Miss Mariah Carey herself? The glittery collection reminded us of shimmering diamonds The makeup collection was encrusted in silver glitter that added sparkle to any holiday stocking.

    It is really no wonder why it kept selling out by the minute and became one of MAC's best-selling collections. Rihanna has always been known to be experimental with her style and beauty regimen. Rihanna collaborated with MAC in to release the perfect palette of fall colors.