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Also, I'd suggest looking at the Firefox error console to see if any CSS syntax errors or other errors are reported. I was having the same problem getting a font to display properly in Firefox. Here is what I found to work for me. Add a slash before the directory holding the font in the url attribute. Here is my before and after versions:. This tells the browser to start at the root directory and then access the resource. At least for me - Problem Solved. This is a problem with how you setup your font-face's paths.

I had a similar problem.

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The fontsquirel demo page was working in FF but not my own page even though all files were coming from the same domain! It turned out that I was linking my stylesheet with an absolute URL http: Because of that this is one of the top Google results for this problem I would like to add what solved this problem for me:. I had to remove the format opentype from the src of the font-face, then it worked in Firefox as well.

It worked fine in Chrome and Safari before that.

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If you are trying to import external fonts you face one of the most common problem with your Firefox and other browser. Some time your font working well in google Chrome or one of the other browser but not in every browser. There have lots of reason for this type of error one of the biggest reason behind this problem is previous per-defined font.

You need to add! Enter above code in your CSS file or code here. In above example replace "Hacen Saudi Arabia" with your font-family and replace url as per your font directory.

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If you enter! For More details visit: I don't know how you created the syntax as I neved used svg in font declaration, but Font Squirel has a really good tool to create a bullet proof syntax font-face from just one font. My problem was that Windows named the font 'font. Octavian Vladu Octavian Vladu 1, 12 The problem was just Firefox messing up with the font-family declaration, this ended up fixing it: I was also using html5boilerplate.

Renaming the font solved the problem. KatieK Casey Casey 1, 2 14 There's a problem with Firefox which prevents the font variants italic, bold, etc to be used if you have the font installed locally. Only way around this I've found is to nerf the local src declaration with the smiley of course, any weird character s would do, it's just so Here's a link to the bug report: Try nerfing the local source declaration in your font-face directives.

There's a known bug in either Firefox or the Google Font API that prevents the variants of fonts to be used if the font is installed locally, and matches the defined local name: Paul Irish has a great explanation up on his blog: Didn't know PaulI came up with a new bullet method, will have to try this one and see if it solves my FF font-face issues. While helpful, it doesn't solve the issue]. I did get pointed though to the right solution. I found the solution lay in adding the following declaration to.

Hacen Saudi Arabia font

Pierre Pierre 1, 1 12 KaushikGopal I think the answer must have been edited after I posted this. Otherwise, it would probably help to be pointed to a URL where the problem occurs. Also, I'd note you probably want font-weight: David Baron David Baron 4 4. So my type. To be on the safe side, i also tried removing it from the directory and directly placing the fonts. It still doesn't work on firefox. I'm now beginning to feel it's one of the two: I use main. Any light folks? Btw thanks for the font-weight catch David! Firefox handles multiple imports just fine. What version are you using?

Debug the code using FireBug; use process of elimination. Working locally introduces problems that might be eliminated remotely. This is how you debug! Instead, in IIS in the web. GDP 6, 5 35 Here is my before and after versions: Wish it helps! I strongly doubt it would be 'ing in only one browser and not others.

Try this out: Try this Applied to your declaration, it would look something like this: DroidSerif-Regular; I think both should be perfectly legal, either with or without the quotes, but i've had mixed success with that between various clients. No need to mess around with settings just remove the quotes and spaces from the font-family: Works for me! Aleksandar Aleksandar 1 4 Because of that this is one of the top Google results for this problem I would like to add what solved this problem for me: May be its not because of your code, Its because of your Firefox configuration.

Simplans Simplans 1, 1 18 Ganesh Garad Ganesh Garad 5 3. I had the same problem and solved it by adding meta for content: Thanks rnaud, I infact used fontsquirrel for the above: Just reformatted with tabs and spaces to a readable form. Then you have used SVG in font declaration. Nehbur Nehbur 39 1 5. Linked 0.

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